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Pet Portraits

If you’ve seen me on social media then you might be aware that the majority of the work I do tends to be pet portraits. Mainly dogs, I am Old Mother Hubbard after all, but I do not discriminate, I’ll work on cats, horses, pigs, sheep, cows, whatever your pet might be.

How To order

As of 2020 all orders will be taken on this website along with a deposit…

For a pet portrait all you have to do is select your size, fill out the form, leave a deposit and send me a photo. The sooner you can send me photos the better, that way if they aren’t of a good enough quality to work from the longer you have to take some more. For any other work including pencil sketches, acrylic paintings please contact me on the information below.

Once it’s painted

As soon as I’ve painted your pet I’ll send you a photo of the painting for you to approve, If you’re happy with it I will obviously have a huge smile on my face and do a little merry dance. I’ll then (once it’s paid for) package your pet up in plastic free recycled packaging and post them first class straight to you! Should you not be happy with it please say so! If I can do any extra to the painting to improve it I will do, however, If I can’t and you just don’t like it then you just simply don’t have to pay. Deposits will be refunded at my discretion.

How to pay

Bank transfer is my most preferred method of payment however if you are collecting your portrait I can also accept cash. Cheques can be accepted but postage will be after the payment has cleared.

Price List

Portrait prices not including postage

a5 - One Subject £35

A5 - Two Subjects £45

A4 - One Subject £85

A4 - Two Subjects £115

A3 - One Subject £165

A3 - Two Subjects £195

Additional uk Only Postage Charges

A5 - £3

a4 - £4

A3 - £6

For international or island postage please contact me for a quote


how to choose a photo

read my guide on how to choose the best photo of your pet to send.


Other commissions

hay green house.png

For unique pieces such as houses, cars, illustrations, doodles and website artwork please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will try my very best to achieve whatever it is you’re after, however, due to the individual nature I can only provide prices for this work on enquiry.

for special commission orders

All you have to do is Simply contact me on the following….

Mobile: 07946870209


message me on facebook @oldmotherhubbs

message me on Instagram @old_mother_hubbs

or fill out the following form

Name *

Don’t forget to inlcude the size you want followed by the name of you and your pet. along with any dates required by, and photos if you have them.