Grandmas Wild Blackberry Yorkshire Crumble


I’ve been toying with the idea of sharing Grandmas recipes because well, she can’t half bake! Her recipes are steeped in tradition, the old ways and well I just love all that. She speaks in pounds and ounce and it’s like beautiful music to my metric gram reinforced millennial head. Luckily for me google has a handy conversion tool. The beauty of my Grandma is that she saves recipes, cookbooks, scraps of paper and wonderful nuggets of bakery information. She’s a head of bakery filled wisdom and I believe it terribly selfish to keep this hidden deep within our rather large family. Her baking is at the forefront of all mine and my cousins memories and although we’re partial to delve into the wonders of Costco bakery, Grandma is still our number one essential party throwing tool.

This particular recipe is currently being typed up because me and Otis came across some wild blackberries but simply couldn’t be bothered to use them for anything overly elaborate. I wanted to pick them, bake them, eat them and then sit back down on my lazy backside to watch Gogglebox.  I was completely content in the knowledge that we ate seasonally, literally from bush to belly in 2 hours and I didn’t need to hit the supermarket for a long list of complicated ingredients.

Believe it or not Grandma can text, she can even send picture messages! This is amazing, all i had to do was whatsapp her, “Hi Grandma, I need a recipe that’s quick and easy and involves wild blackberries” I got the following reply…

Grandmas Wild Blackberry Yorkshire Crumble

For the fruit filling…

  • Soak the blackberries in cold water and salt – the salt helps draw out anything you wouldn’t want to be eating. Drain.

  • Add a little water to the blackberries in a pan, add sugar and place on heat – DO NOT LET IT TURN TO MUSH. (My blackberries weighed 500g, I added 100g of caster sugar)

  • Place fruit in an oven dish – don’t include much of the juice.

  • (I sprinkled a little cinnamon over my topping once it was in the dish, Grandma has never advised this so take it or leave it.)

blackberries 6.jpg

For the crumble topping…

  • 100g margarine

  • 100g Sugar (I used Demerara)

  • 140g Self-rasing flour

  • 60g Porridge oats

Combine margarine, flour & oats until they resemble breadcrumbs, mix in sugar, place the mixture over the fruit filling and firm down. 

Bake until golden… Gas Mark 5, 190 degrees or the baking oven in the Aga for 30 mins.

blackberries 2.jpg

Nick was so desperate to eat this he wouldn’t let me get a decent photo. “You’re always taking bloody photos, move! I’m hungry.” So, there you go, an easy ‘anybody can do it’ cupboard staple crumble. Enjoy!

Edit: Grandma has text me to say she’s found some old recipes from her grandma. This is too exciting

Written with love 

Old Mother Hubbard