Starting a blog backwards - The Brooke way

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Like everything in my life this blog is foot first and think later. I dive in with blind tenacity, I’m on a creative warpath and far too impatient to do what most other people would do. They’d think things through. Sensible people research, they plan, organise and get a little background info first… not me.

I have done a little late reading (closing the gate after the horse has bolted) and in order to have a ‘successful’ blog apparently I need a niche! When I say successful, it’s a completely subjective word. My successful is 20 readers and a free tube of gorilla glue, but still apparently I need a niche. Blogs shouldn’t be random, they should fill a gap in the market, offer expert advice, be useful or interesting.

In this blog post I am imploring you, the reader to help me find my niche. You know me well considering you are my Mum and maybe my Auntie Helen? Hi Auntie Helen!. So you already know I’m a little all over the place and can’t quite decide what part of life I most prefer. Is it baking, or gardening, slow living, amateur photography or healthy eating? Decorating, furniture and interiors, antiques or charity shopping? Eating cake, camping or dog walking? My life is full to the brim of things I love to do, how can I ever create a specific thing that is mine? I want to write about everything I’m doing but that’s far too random, boring and irrelevant to everyone else’s life… Help!

I need a little external influence to guide me on what best suits me and this blog and most importantly what waffle you’d like to read about most? I’ve compiled a list of what I’d like to keep and what can go…

Things that simply have to stay

  • Up cycling

  • Gardening

  • Baking

  • Everything simple

  • Crafts

  • Interiors

  • My meltdowns (it’s therapeutic)

  • My dog

  • My travels

  • My books

  • Christmas

  • Housewiffery

  • DIY

Things that can go:

  • Urm

Sod it, Maybe I can make my niche in the fact I can’t find a niche?

The eternal problem of not having enough lifetime to do everything I want to do. The jack of all trades master of none. The problem of mundane tasks like laundry and earning a living taking up valuable time, time that could be spent doing something useful, like making pompoms! I can’t be the only one? Surely?!

In all seriousness if you have any suggestions, opinions or thoughts on where this blog should go I would love to hear them!

Written with love

Old Mother Hubbard