Little mini adventures | Our autumn weekend in

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I’m keeping this one short and sweet, just like our weekend.

It turns out all you need for a weekend of fun is a 3-year-old, one of those friends you don’t need to see often but when you do it’s exactly the same, (you know the kind I mean) and some conkers. And yes! You can have a little mini adventure at home. Granted, my friend and her daughter they weren’t at home, but for me as a host I was and it was so much fun.

I can’t call our weekend “slow” but I can definitely call it simple, you really can learn a lot from a 3-year-old, she is THE advocate for simple living. So far, I’ve learnt that there’s really nothing like puddle jumping to put a smile on your face, and who needs toys when you have a basket full of conkers? Baking really requires no flavour or expertise, burnt biscuits are fine (as long as they’re shaped like a big fat duck or a bunny rabbit.) And if you walk into the wind and put your arms out well it feels like you’re walking in the wind with your arms out and you look a little silly.

This was a weekend perfect for living on a farm, (something I need to make the most of, instead of sitting inside blogging and taking pictures all the time.) Eva the Saurus (Evasauras has BIG love for dinosaurs) discovered she really likes sheep, that Nicks bull Jack is really big and scary and should be locked away, and feeding horses polos is funny, they tickle your hand and make you giggle. Also, if you didn’t already know fodder beat grown for cattle is actually called mangelwurzel which is very satisfactory to pronounce. If you steel some from an unsuspecting farmer you can put it in a curry or leave it in the boot of your car and forget about it like we’ve done this weekend.

Children aren’t given enough credit for their wisdom. A child doesn’t need much to be happy, just a few upturned tubs as a garden obstacle course and they’re shrieking with joy. This little mini adventure has been a wonderful reminder that happiness can be found outside the world of shopping and city breaks. This is something I was so eager to learn after reading a certain book over the summer and something I’ve since so easily forgotten. Being present and understanding that happiness is something you master in yourself and not something you find in the world isn’t as easy as you’d think, old mindsets quickly return. So, thank you Evasaurus for the reminder.

On a shallower note my friend suggested Spoonflower. An online company that loads your own designs onto pretty much anything from wallpaper, to cushions and wrapping paper. Yes please!

Oh, and one more thing we’ve learnt, Australian red wine mixed with a day in the windy weather is a perfect recipe for bed at 9pm on a Saturday.

Written with love.

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