My First Blog Post

Assuming you haven’t read the ‘About me’ section, I’m Brooke and I’m completely new to this. I live on the East Yorkshire coast with a farmer and two dogs. My spare time includes hoovering up straw, walking the pooches, crafting, or having an over dramatic melt down because I’m over tired and I’ve burnt the quiche or something else along those lines.

Now it’s been on my mind that I’ve come a little late to the party, I read in the Sunday Times Style last week that podcasting is to 2018 what blogging was to 2014, I guess this blog is starting four years and nine months too late so look out for my podcast coming to you in 2023!

When I call this my first post, it’s really not, I’ve done a few over this past month but they were rather impulsive, over excited and unorganised. Because of my perfectionism I’ve deleted them and will repost them in a much better order.  Like any good book I realised I’m best off starting with an introduction, so here it is.

At first it seems rather self-indulgent to create a site based solely on my own life and my own experiences but I think then it’s also equally self-indulgent to assume people are going to take time to read it. So really, it’s just an online diary of my thoughts, ideas and inspirations. In a way, the small chance there is of somebody reading this gives me creative willpower the same way a beautiful male specimen two treadmills up in the gym makes you run faster and longer, even if you’re as red and blowing as a volcano and your footsteps sound like a rhino charging.

Why I should / shouldn’t?

There are many reasons why I think this is a bad idea but I’m ignoring them anyway. My terrible grammar is up there at reason number one so please excuse my blunders. Worrying what people think of me is number two. I only got a C in English, and then there’s my inability to commit to any one hobby or passion. Like the Jack of all trades and master of none I love so many different things, I just can’t give one pursuit my whole attention. Furniture and interiors are highest on my list but I sway from one thing to another. I’m hoping that my blogging adventures might actually suit this side of my personality.

What I’m aiming to achieve?

I’d love to connect with people, I live an hour away from family in a new town and my partner is a farmer so hours and hours are spent in my own company, especially in the summer. Unless of course I want to sit on that narrow tractor passenger seat as my head hits the roof to a rhythmic beat all the while listening to his sports podcast. (No thank you!)

Don’t get me wrong I’m an introvert and love my life and my own company but it’s a proven fact that connecting with people makes life so much more fun. I’ve also found that being creative makes me happy, what’s the point in creating to just stock pile things in the spare room? We’re taught from childhood it’s polite to share so my endeavours are going to be here for anybody willing to look. They could be failed, half finished, a masterpiece or just a twinkle in my eye.

I believe social media has a huge role and responsibility in today’s world and young people are growing up only seeing a picture-perfect window of other people and their lives. I want to be as real and as honest as I can. I completely accept this will be a challenge that I might not get right first time around, it’s only natural to want to share the good things.

Here’s a failed picture from this evening with my camera lent on a bag and me running to get sat down in 10 seconds…Lucy thought it was a game.

Here’s a failed picture from this evening with my camera lent on a bag and me running to get sat down in 10 seconds…Lucy thought it was a game.

Here’s a failed picture from this evening with my camera lent on a bag and me running to get sat down in 10 seconds…Lucy thought it was a game.

What I plan to write about…

Everything and anything! I love so many different topics and I’m so uneducated in every one, this will be a huge learning experience and hopefully I’ll look back and feel like a better, more open and wiser human being. I’ve compiled a list of my favourite things though just for the fun…

  • Long Slow walks

  • Everything and anything Interiors related

  • Second hand furniture and upcycling

  • Crochet – I did manage to make a throw last year but it’s more a parallelogram than a square.

  • All other crafts

  • The Farmer

  • Spending time with The Farmer (Nick)

  • Vintage bargains

  • Baking

  • Gardening

  • Health foods

  • Self help books

  • Jane Austen and all other fiction.

  • The idea of meditating and being mindful

  • Small dogs, big dogs, black dogs, yellow dogs, any dogs.

  • My wellies

  • Christmas – I’ve already got some Christmas blog ideas forming.

  • Charity shopping

  • Photography (I’m a complete beginner at the moment)

  • Picnics

  • Chilly autumn days

  • Warm spring evenings

…And many many more.

Written with love.

Old Mother Hubbard