Everything I learnt, lost and loved this August.


I don’t know about you but for me the turn to Autumn feels like it’s coming a little keen, after an amazingly warm summer the shortening nights are a daily reminder that we’ve not got long left. So, to say goodbye to the month of bounty I thought it might be a nice idea to list everything I’ve learnt, loved and lost this August.

I Learnt…

Local Fruit and Veg shops are not a thing of the past. Turns out ours offers better seasonal veg far cheaper than it is in Morrisons and longer lasting than Aldi or Lidl. You should see the size of the lemons! I’m furious with myself for not visiting ours earlier.

I can erect a tent by myself in strong winds. Truth be told it looked a little…let’s say loose, but still a triumph is a triumph! I’ll admit it was in the garden but I fully intend to go camping by myself. What a calamity that will be. (Reader await amusing blog post to follow).

Don’t start so many things. Easier said than done. My brain is constantly buzzing with different ideas, things I’d like to change, things I’d like to do, things I’d like to make. My life is a long path of half-finished’ness, half read books, half-finished diets, half a crocheted scatter cushion, half a yoga workout, I even started meditating then got distracted 3 minutes in, started a new project and completely forgot I’d been meditating until my phone reminded me it was meditation time the next day.  If you can fail at meditating then I certainly did.

Take more step by step photographs when pulling apart upholstery. You will need them.

I Loved…

Dark Chocolate Almond Milk. As I stood down the baking isle watching a lady toss 6 cartons in her trolley I thought I’d better get on that too. It’s SOOOO CHOCOLATEY.

The Teachers Pet. This is one for all the podcast junkies out there – if you commute and don’t listen to podcasts now’s the time to change. I recommend ‘The Teacher’s Pet’ it’s taken up a good week of my August commutes and a few of my dreams.

There’s a wonderful lady called Laurie – she makes women’s clothing to order, I believe she lives in Scotland and they take two weeks to dispatch. There’s a beautiful selection of designs and if anyone wants to order me the Bute Trousers then I’d be forever grateful. I haven’t bought anything yet (see the I Lost… section to find out why) but as soon as I do I’ll post a picture of me looking extremely happy….  A Woodland Gathering.

I Lost…

I Lost £30! Never make your own mouthwash. It cost me £30 because you can only buy the ingredients in bulk. In an impulsive attempt to live with more natural ingredients I can’t believe I actually did this. It’s rancid and I’ve got enough to keep a small village minty fresh for two years.

I lost my star gazing virginity. On a particular clear night during our girly glamping trip, armed with just a duvet, a cup of tea and each other, me and one of my best friends chatted the night away staring at the sky. I’ll never forget it.

This months savings… So, it turns out shopping bans actually work, I’ve tried a clothes shopping ban for the whole of August and can you believe it?! My savings said thank you and bought me a camera! Wasn’t that nice of them. Considering I’m not going anywhere fancy this September I’ll continue the ban and see what my savings have in store for me next month.

What have you learnt, loved and lost this August?

Written with love.

Old Mother Hubbard