Finding my interior style

My Inteior Style 9.jpg

I always find myself a little overwhelmed when I have to stick to one style or a particular look. I like so many! I’m always changing our house, painting this wall then that wall, selling this and buying that. I get bored of one room and day dream of changing it to a better one.

This is fine in my day to day life but with Make it Simple I don’t want it to be completely sporadic. I’ve got a spare room of projects I’m so excited to start but I want the furniture I’m trying to make “pretty” look “pretty” in “my way”. The difficulty arises in deciding what “my way” is?

My own interior adventures have led me to paint my living room dark red so it feels like you’re sat in a Dickensian novel. I’ve gone to white and masculine with bison skulls, I’ve had bedrooms in cutesy grey floral. I’ve tried modern IKEA furniture and bright Scandi styles. I’ve aimed for muted “farmhouse” in one room and “tropical” dark blue with bucket loads of plants in another. I even painted my bathroom black once and drew a parrot on the wall. I know right, sounds awful! I’ll not lie, it was, but you get the idea, how can I change this habit and go forward with just one style?

Truth is I can’t change this habit and I don’t really want to. I like change and luckily for me I like decorating. The one thing I can figure out is what’s not changed over time? What’s been there all the way through? If I stick with that then I’ve found “My Style”.

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My Interior Style 10.jpg

I’ve recently stumbled across my old scrapbook. (Just cut-outs from interiors magazines stuck in a book) along with this and a good brainstorm I’ve created a list of style specifics that I can vet my ideas through. Kind of like a style sieve. So that’s what I’ll do, from now on any projects / products coming on this blog will have been filtered through this list. That way I might avoid any public parrot failures or things that don’t really fit my bigger picture.

My reignited love for scrapbooking

On another note -I’ve rediscovered the joys of scrapbooking. Scrapbooking can be anything from sports clippings to family photos but for me It’s cutting up my Mums extensive 25 Beautiful Homes subscription. It’s a great way to capture my ideas, make notes and organise my thoughts. The cutting and sticking makes my inner child very happy and it’s also great for recipes and craft projects. If you don’t have time to do them, stick them in the book, it’s nearly just as satisfying.

My Inteior Style 5.jpg

My Style Sieve

  • Muted tones – I love a good beige, greige, elephant’s breath or morning mist.

  • Old things – my love for something with a story has never wavered. The more curiosity shop or penny dreadful the better.

  • Battered furniture – I’m not really a traditional shabby chic fan but a scruffy looking paint worn sideboard is just so much more interesting. And it can take some neglect! If you can accidentally hit furniture with a hammer and it still looks the same then I’m all for it.

  • Moody colours  greys, blues, purples, really deep colours that match my dark soul. Just kidding. But I do really love dark colours.

  • Linen – my love for linen will last a lifetime

My Interior Style 7.jpg
  • White – I love white, I’d like a white themed Instagram but i don’t have the discipline.

  • Wood and natural materials –   I.e. Wool! Who doesn’t love these?

My Inteior Style 8.jpg
  • Fashion Trends – this is okay in small doses but not as an overall look, It won’t last.

  • Flora – plants and flowers will always be in my home.

Hopefully you’ll eventually see these new style rules running through whatever I create. If not then well you know this was a waste of time!

I’d love to know if your style comes easily to you? Or do you have to go through all this hard work like me?

Written with love.

Old Mother Hubbard