DIY easy squidgy headboard

Squidy Headboard 3.jpg

This is perfect if you have an old square headboard in the wrong colour, or if you’re bored and fancy a change. It’s also super squidgy, we all know the struggles of trying to read in bed and not being able to get comfy.

Long story short – My cousin wanted to buy a headboard but wouldn’t buy a nice one. I guess when you’re a 23 year old male the last thing you want to spend your money on is a big fancy headboard. He chose a cheap and cheerful one and said that’ll do.

The boringness of this headboard physically made me itch so I Hijacked it and took it upon myself to “have a go”. It was really important that whatever I did, if he didn’t like it he could get it back to it’s original form fairly easily.

By using a double duvet cover you get lots of fabric for very little money. This entire thing cost £11. It may cost more if you don’t have all the crafting essentials but you’ll be able to use those again.

1. Measure your headboard using a tailors tape measure.

2. Cut two identical pieces of fabric. This headboard was 54″ by 22″ so using the double duvet cover I cut out two rectangular pieces of fabric. I added two inches on to the left, top and right, and added 3 inches to the bottom. My cut fabric measured 58″ x 27″.

Squidgy Headboard 4.jpg

3. Cut an identical rectangular piece of wadding. 58″ x 27″.

Squidgy Headboard 5.jpg

4. Pin all the pieces together with the wadding on the top. Remember to place the right sides of the fabrics together because this will eventually be turned inside out.

5. Sew 3 seams 1″ in from the edge. Sew down one short side, then across the top and down the other short side. Remember to leave the bottom completely open, this is where the headboard will go.

Squidgy Headboard 6.jpg

6. Turn inside out, push scissors into corners to get a sharp finish.

7. Sew 3 seams again 1″ in, down the short side, top and the other short side leaving the bottom open again. I used contrasting cotton here for more effect.

Squidgy Headboard 7.jpg

8. Fit the cover over the headboard and adjust so the seam is central. The wadding should be on the front of the headboard. Staple the fabric on the back to keep the seem in place.

Squidgy Headboard 8.jpg

9. Rip open two old holofibre pillows and stuff into front of headboard. (Stuff under the wadding) Don’t overfill, because the fabric won’t reach around the bottom. 

Squidy Headboard 9.jpg
Squidy Headboard 10.jpg

10. Pull the bottom edge taught and bring round to the back and staple in place.

Squidy Headboard 11.jpg

If you ever want to remove it, just take out the staples and pull it off.

Written with love

Old Mother Hubbard.