Whats with the Elephant poo paper?

ellie poo.png

If you’re new here then let me tell you about my dedication to everything homemade, historical and of course, ethical. I want this place to be a warm place, If businesses can be cosy I want mine to be a big steaming cup of hot chocolate curled up with a knitted throw. I want people to feel good about buying from me, not guilt ridden and out of pocket. When an item of mine be it a card or painting arrives through your door I want you to feel as happy as I was when I created it. All of this and more is the reason I’ve sourced this paper to create with.

Along with a few other varieties i’ll be running, the Elephant poo paper is created by a not for profit charity paper mill down in Hampshire. (That’s one ethical box ticked.) A very lovely man called Gary runs the 117 year old paper making machine that creates beautiful heritage paper (that’s a historical and personal box ticked.) with added material to make it just that little bit less boring. I’ve opted for Elephant poo because I like the finish and the statement behind the use of a seemingly pure waste product. (That’s the second ethical box ticked.) I will also be running grass paper along with rhino poo and the extra special wildflower seed paper.