Trying to lose the productivity guilt.


Learning To Relax

I’m not sure this is even a thing, or if it’s just me alone in my crackers head again. I just can’t seem to enjoy downtime. I crave a day off, finding time to relax, reading a book on the sofa, binge watching box sets or chatting with friends over coffee and cake, but i’m just not very good at it. Every time I try there’s always a sense of Guilt that clouds my brain. I don’t want it anymore. I want to be able to enjoy myself. I’ve somehow got into the habit of thinking if i’m not productive, i’m unhappy, and that’s just exhausting.

Let me start buy saying that what I find productive may be different to other people’s definition. Some people think productivity is found in a career, for me, the half an hour i’m spending writing this blog post for example, feels productive. As long as I’ve got something tangible to show for my time, I’m happy. My problem comes along with the opportunity to relax. I would love nothing more than to enjoy a book…in the middle of the day! Yes, that’s right I said it. In the middle of the day! The world loves output and it’s so ingrained in my brain that anything but just feels icky.

So, I thought maybe writing a blog post about it would help? I’m setting myself the following tasks to achieve over the next month and once I’ve done them I can tick them off the list, blog about any progress and feel like it was something productive. And then who knows, I might just give myself another list of laid back tasks to complete.

My Lazy List

  1. Spend at least 20 mins reading Country Living magazine sat on the sofa in the middle of the day with a pot of loose leaf Yorkshire Tea.

  2. Join a friend for coffee and be fully present, engaged and not in a rush.

  3. Take Grandma somewhere nice.

  4. Spend 3 hours reading whatever the hell I want to in the middle of the day. Nothing productive, or more physical than making a brew can be done in this period of time.

  5. Spend a few hours with Nick on the Farm, (I never do this as I always think I could be doing something else at home, something more productive.)

  6. After visiting the green grocers and butchers, go and sit in a cafe and enjoy a pot of tea, alone or with company.

There you have it! Blogging has given me the chance to relax without feeling guilty. Why don’t you set yourself some relaxing tasks this month?

Written with love

Old Mother Hubbard.