Slow Reads | My Top 5 Slow Blogs

Jen at Little Birdie

Jen’s photos are just to die for. She’s got the right mix of not always perfect, not always bright. but always beautiful. I think it’s because they’re styled so beautifully they just look amazing. If you can take a down to earth blog photo I’d say Little Birdie has it nailed. She’s also pretty good at this slow living stuff and also has a book out! Look out for lots of great green cleaning and slow living tips. - Jen also loves a vintage find.

Emma at Lime After Lime

I just love Emma’s blog. She nails her photos and her recipes just look amazing! I contacted her when starting my last blog and she encouraged me to get started. Emma has great posts on Yoga, photography, minimalism and much more. Plus she’s a fellow Yorkshire lass and super honest and down to earth.

Sara at Me & Orla

Obviously I couldn’t write this without mentioning Sara’s monster slow move blog. She’s worked incredibly hard and gotten herself right up there with the top bloggers. Her photo’s and website are so inspirational, get yourself over there! She has great tips on getting the most out of Instagram and did I mention her photos?

Emma at Field & Nest

Another Emma with a slightly moodier aesthetic but just as beautiful. She has an Ebook on Living Slow and also takes some amazing photos. Emma covers some great and interesting topics and is definitely an influencer I am happy to be influenced by.

Milenka at Blushing Lately

Milenka’s posts are absolutely to die for. She published one in Autumn that still pops into my head now. It was about how to create a cosy Gilmore Girls night. I just lapped it right up. Anyway, take a look!

Grab a cuppa and enjoy ☺️

Written with love

Old Mother Hubbard