Surviving January

Firstly I’d like to wish you all a very happy New Year. I’d also like to apologise for my absence on the blog. I’ve been a complete lazy bones since November and I thought I’d better pull something out of the bag soon before this blog is added to my massive pile of abandoned and unfinished projects.

I’ll not beat around the bush, I find January pretty soul sucking. February isn’t all that bad, there’s only a month to go until spring and finally the light can be seen at the end of the grim British winter. But unfortunately it’s not February, it’s January.

Maybe I loathe this month because I work in retail and the January Sale keeps me locked in a shop against my will, I’m not a workaholic, I’d openly much rather be at home. Or maybe, it’s because it’s so cold and there’s nothing to look forward too. Either way I’m utterly miserable.

So this year rather than sitting here feeling sorry for myself and wallowing in my self-diagnosed SAD (Seasonal affective disorder), I thought I’d try and pull myself out of the funk. Here’s my list of positive activities that hopefully will cheer me right up and get me through to spring.

My January Funk Pull

Gratitude Journal

I did this for a few months last summer and I think it did actually cheer me up. You just write down three things daily you’re grateful for. It could be as simple as ‘I’m grateful for the other half making an exceptional cup of tea’ or ‘I’m grateful my socks match today’.


A morning YouTube yoga session should hopefully set me up for a mindful calm day.

Slimming World

This one is self explanatory. You are what you eat and I’d love to feel as healthy, happy and warm as a jacket potato. At the moment I feel like a walking dense miserable Christmas pudding.

Mindfulness & Meditating

In the past my meditating really didn’t go well, I’m not very good at it and get completely distracted. It can’t hurt to try again because I hear the benefits are well worth the effort.


Because I’m stuck in a shop for most of the daylight hours in January I’m really not getting my outdoors fill. I’m making it my mission to go for a long walk at least once a week from now on. And be mindful as I go, notice the smells, sounds and all that Jazz.

Cleaning & Clearing out

I’m possibly very late to the party but I’m currently obsessed with Mrs Hinch. I really want my house to smell like Lenor Spring Awakening. Cleaning and organising really does make you feel excited and optimistic for spring.

Garden Planning

If I can’t be outside gardening, I can at least be thinking about being outside gardening. Hopefully this spring we’re getting chickens and a veg plot and I’ve also buttered my dad up to give me a hand.

january 4.jpg

If you’ve got any activities that help cheer you up in this miserable time then please let me know!

Written with love.

Old Mother Hubbard

P.s just by writing this I’m feeling a little more optimistic already.