Old Mother Hubbard
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The creative life of an old -fashioned tea drinking Yorkshire Lass.

Oh, and a cockapoo named Otis.



I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Brooke.

A ‘Yorkshire Lass’ as they say, and the handsome fluffy monster at the top of this page is Otis, my best friend. I could hardly call this Old Mother Hubbard without my right hand man now could I?

Welcome to my little internet cupboard, it’s my safe space, a space where I can let go of the modern ‘busy’ life that just doesn’t suit me. It’s a place where I can sit at my laptop with a mug and my slippers. A place where I can enjoy a cup of tea (after I photograph it for Instagram), and curl up on the sofa, a place where I can pick up a paint brush and completely forget the rest of the world.

So, now you’re here grab a cuppa, take a seat and lets forget all that white noise. We’ll ditch the handbags and the glad rags and Instead we’ll pick some wild flowers, walk barefoot in the grass and we’ll sing whilst we sweep.

Brooke x

I believe in a life lived in nature, in being snuggled up on the sofa, in crafted pieces woven with the story of a different time. I believe in the mindful moments and the changing seasons, I believe in living simply and I believe canine cuddles and a cup of tea cure all.
— Old Mother Hubbard

Decorating on a budget

A new space doesn’t have to cost the earth. Read my 7 steps to decorating on a budget here!

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just a few words and some terrible spelling…

English has never been my strong point but I firmly believe blogs aren’t just for the Literary elite. Take a little look at my online diary, a place that keeps me sane and hopefully makes you smile.

Painting myself happy

I dream of a day in the studio, a day when I’m good enough to call myself an artist, a creative. Join me on my journey to learning watercolour…

Find out about commisions or view my portfolio here…

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A free gift to say Hello!

Grandmas Recipes

A really simple, low ingredient recipe book available to all subscribers.

Me and Grandma (She’s an exceptional baker.) have poured through all of her recipes and come up with a small selection of the easiest ones. We’ve chosen recipes with ingredients your most like to have in the house, because nothing annoys me more than having to go hunting for an ingredient I’ve never even heard of!

I’ve had so much fun creating this I hope you enjoy.

I’m very sorry but the vintage shop has been put on hold due to portrait demand, please bear with me.

 Vintage Shop Coming Soon!

This Old Thing

The older the story, the more precious the meaning.

I’ll soon be opening my vintage interiors shop. Everything from pots and pans to up-cycled furniture and even commissions. I can’t wait. Here’s a sneaky preview just for you…


Subscribe to be the first to know when it’s open! You’ll also receive discounts and offers too!

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